A Bright Future with the Emergence of the Universal Citize

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Translated by Blake Archer Williams


The Reunification of the Children of Adam after their Historical Period of Estrangement

The world is on the cusp of great and unprecedented changes. Humanity (literally, ‘the Children of Adam’ – tr.), who explored the contours of life in search of their historical destiny, return presently to their father's house, after millennia of estrangement and separation. The result of the long journey that is man’s destiny is a history full of ups and downs in which humanity, at times running, and at times crawling, bestowed unique identities to different geographical settings, and now proceeds to take the flag of conquest and victory from the plains, deserts, forests, seas, and valleys, and plant it on the heights of their father’s house, aflutter on the peaks of the brotherhood and solidarity of mankind.

The journey that began with estrangement and separation now leads to union and harmony. The Earth and Time itself cannot contain their enthusiasm, because the greatest moment of the life of humanity is on the cusp of being realized, and the most beautiful and glorious celebration of all of human history is about to commence. Man is preparing to announce the end of the period of darkness, loneliness, fear, and anxiety, and to bellow the beginning of a bright new day of unity, security, peace, and tranquility. One after the other, each of the caravans of the Wayfarers of History are preparing for this ceremony, to display the great accomplishments of their respective journeys in the various fields of human thought, literature, culture, knowledge, and technology.

They are also preparing to share their basic insights concerning the nature of the world and of man, and their critiques of the past and their visions of the future, in order to explicate the prerequisites of the ways and means of convergence. They know and are increasingly becoming more aware of the fact that their understanding of the fundamental differences between the characteristics of the period of separation and estrangement and the period of unity and solidarity beckons them to choose that which is necessary for the future life of humanity as a whole, and to abandon everything whose efficacy pertains to the past. Attaining to a common understanding of that which must be welcomed and of realities which must be abandoned is one of the most strategic issues facing humanity on the eve of the great transformation of history.

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