18. The Incompatibility of the Ideology of Domination with Humanity

It is not my intention to delve into philosophical or mystical issues in this article, but I would like to emphasize this important and subtle point that although the founders, pioneers and followers of the ideology of domination do not turn their backs on the claim of being human, it is not possible to cast the slightest doubt on the contrast between the ruling school of thought, and that of actual humanity and humaneness, because the former is based on the legitimation of the domination of human beings. Domination and its requirements translate as the deprivation or serious restriction of a person’s freedom and autonomy, and as a gross violation of peoples’ right to choose. On the other hand, the division of human society into a superior ruling minority, and a majority doomed to accept this supremacy and dominion is a clear denial of the inherent dignity of man. And this is the greatest affront to humanity throughout the entirety of its history.

The call and rather, the threat to the nations of the world on the part of the world powers to accept their domination and dominion is in fact a call to enter into a modern form of slavery; a slavery which has been gilded and rearranged to better suit modern conditions and developments. On the other hand, freedom, autonomy, and dignity are inherent in human beings and are major elements that distinguish us from animals. Denying any of them is tantamount to denying one’s humanity. Therefore, the existence of this intellectual system cannot fundamentally be considered to be a product of free human thought; rather, it can be said with certainty that it is an illusory deception of a group that has fallen captive to it.

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