2. The Imperative of Reexamining our Viewpoints and Ideologies

The inevitability and increasing rapidity of infrastructural changes, the ineluctability of great historical change, and the beginning of the period of the universality of human life, sharpen the focus for the need for the timely recognition of factors that influence the process of the historical development of humanity in various intellectual and practical fields. This includes various schools of thought and ideologies, religions, traditions, policies, approaches, grand designs and strategic actions, and management models and implementation methods that together have given shape to the human heritage of the past.

In the meantime, of course, rethinking the teachings of the past, and reviewing and revising past views and ideologies in the various fields of culture, communication, politics, sociology, economics and security, takes on a higher priority. Needless to say, before being based on documented experiences and their subsequent evaluations, the structural and practical study of our human heritage should be considered from the point of view of a theoretical analysis of the types of views and impetuses of the various societies and polities under review.

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