5. The Unitary Destiny of Humanity

The upshot of all this is that the future that is befitting for humanity is one that is all-inclusive and universal. It is a future that will only come to pass through seeing and being seen, speaking and being heard, through the strengthening of friendship and love, the removing of obstacles from the ways of propinquity and solidarity, the rejection of symptoms of distance, separation and alienation; and finally, a deep belief in the oneness of the destiny of each and every sector of humanity. Understanding the unitary destiny of humanity is a grand strategy that, if committed to, could lead to a great revolution in relations between governments and nations, which in turn can ultimately lead to an expectation of a change in their natures.

In addition to being relevant in the field of communication, action, and interaction, from a mental point of view, the notion of the unitary destiny of humanity leads to a more fundamental field. It is the logical reflection of a more fundamental matter that undergirds and leads to this unity. In the first instance, the realization of the unitary destiny of human society, in parallel with the comprehensive development of human life, has not only attained the capacity of a comprehensive (and at the same time exponentially increasing) understanding, but it has also gradually become something whose realization is certain and inevitable. It has become transformed into a widely held belief that is held by all ranks and files of global public opinion, and is especially held by intellectuals in most theoretical and practical fields.

The unitary destiny of humanity as a concept has now risen from the level of an undeniable objective reality to the higher level of an ideal and a value. On this basis, the degree of the belief in the unitary destiny of humanity, and the impact of national and international macro-policies and programs, can be posited and cogently proposed as a major yardstick for measuring human development and maturity at the national and international level. This fact should be considered as a clear sign of the strength and invulnerability of its substance, whose relevance becomes germane in the second domain, and in the analysis of the nature of the relationship between man and the world.

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