In the Name of God, the Most-Compassionate, the Most-Merciful


Dear, friend and respected thinker,

May God’s peace and blessings be unto you and your loved ones, and unto all who struggle in the cause of freedom & justice.

I believe that we are all suffering from the turmoil that the world is engulfed in, and that reforming the current condition, solving the problems of human society, and the question as to how we are to build a better future for the world, is a concern we hold in common. The prerequisite of making progress in this path is the creation of a shared image of the future that is desired, together with an appropriate analysis of the historical process of human development. It is the creation of a future that requires mutual understanding, active presence and participation, and conscious action on the part of individuals of all races, religions, and territories, that must come together in a global convergence and collective effort that will put an end to the humiliation of humanity, and to oppression, discrimination, degradation, poverty, intimidation, and wars, and will mark the emergence of the truth of what it is to be truly human in the form of a global  being living in a humane world brimming with freedom, justice, and dignity.

In our long and historic journey over millennia, humanity has experienced a variety of philosophical, political, and economic ideologies. Today, their inefficiencies and lack of efficacy can be seen clearly. This inefficiency, along with the confusion that exists in the thought and theories of how the world ought to be governed (which stem from ideologies of domination, the collapse of the reigning order, and the failure of imperialism to establish a new order), reveals the need to reconsider the path that has led to the impasse we are in and which has brought the world to the cusp of a new era. A new humanity is in the process of being born. Therefore, being prepared to accompany and support the changes in views, policies, structures, and macro-programs in the various fields of politics, economics, culture, security, and society, based on an understanding of the identity of the new person and the new humanity, is an inevitable necessity.

Investigating and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in efforts at international cooperation and the work of international institutions in order to eliminate obstacles to the growth and development of societies and nations are prerequisites of attaining to a clear understanding of and alignment with the path of future developments. Another dichotomy that it is important to recognize and understand is the distinction between the toxic artificial globalization process on one hand, and the natural, humane globalization process that has been taking place under the auspices of Providence since the dawn of time. It is also very important and necessary to juxtapose and explicate humane policies against the evil policies that have been carried out against human beings throughout history, and which run counter to the emergence of the truth of what it means to be human.

It is obvious that in carrying out this important humane-historical mission, the share of value as well as responsibility that is to be borne by intellectuals and thinkers is two-fold. Accordingly, this friend and colleague of yours hereby presents an analysis of the developmental movement of human society, along with a critique of the deviations introduced by demonic forces and hegemons in this process, and a clear picture of the future, together with a list of subject titles that can be used for intellectual cooperation and consensus-building.

We hope hereby to provide the seedbed for organizing a global dialogue with the presence of all thinkers, reformers, and activists from all over the world, and to be able to carry out our role in the great developments of the future by commenting and paying attention and participating in correcting and completing this essay and the proposed topics (see below). All topics can be discussed in a series of face-to-face meetings or in online sessions

I look forward to receiving your valuable comments and feedback. Thank you in advance for your active attention and participation.

  Topics for discussion and consensus-building:

  1. Freedom
  2. Justice
  3. The Inherent Dignity of Mankind
  4. Attributes of a Humane World
  5. Attributes of the Universal Person or Global  Personality
  6. Humanity’s Common Nature
  7. Humanity’s Common Destiny
  8. The System of Domination and Domineering and the Hegemony of Power
  9. Global  Commitment: Resistance against the Hegemony of Power and Domination
  10. Attributes of Humane Culture, Humane Politics, Humane Societies, Humane Security, Humane Economies, etc.
  11. The Human-Centered New World Order
  12. The evolution of concepts given a global  perspective (power and national interests, international relations, international organizations, global  unity and solidarity, the rejection of alienation, foreign nationals, borders, language, etc.)


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
        محمود احمدی نژاد






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