4. In the Embrace of Humanity

By bringing about the ultimate realization of the inevitable emergence of a ‘unitary world community’, this rising current has opened up a new horizon in human relations, raising the curtain on a future that is completely different from the past. Now, journeys that had historically been travelled alone and in the dark of night, and which had been accompanied by fear and trepidation, are on the verge of coming to an end; journeys that sometimes lead to obvious error, and sometimes to latent and lasting blunders.

As we enter a new era, so begin the journeys of humanity acting as a whole; journeys that are travelled in peace and comfort, and which quench the soul of the seeker and quench the thirst of their parched souls with a deep enjoyment that comes with the true attainment of the peaks of knowledge and moral virtue, and which raise the fascinated eyes of the wayfarer to the peaks of the nobilities of the world, transforming them, so that they can take flight with wings of dignity and sacrality on the horizons of the celestial kingdom, and navigate the highest spheres of virtue with the light of truth.

Entering the new era and embracing that dreamy witness, ‘humanity’, is only possible as a collective act of humanity as a whole. And it is only by having each and every person step on the shoulders of the people of past generations that humanity will be able to reach the peaks of the Throne of the Divine, and to witness the luminous visage of the Divine openly and unveiled in the form of the Perfect or Global Citizen.

and unveiled in the form of the Perfect or Global Citizen.

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