19. An Evil Legacy

The ideology of domination is an evil legacy that a group of people have passed down from generation to generation throughout history in obedience to their selfish lower desires and rapaciousness, and by turning their backs on their own human identity. In the face of this diabolical legacy, in which the workings of the hand of Iblis (Satan) is evident for all to see, man’s primordial disposition, in a constructive and idyllic interaction with the nature of the world or the world as it actually is, will realize the objective unity of humanity and the formation of a true, unitary world society. In this way, every universal human being or every person who has attained to true world consciousness represents all human beings in the world, and the concept of a common human destiny, which is felt deep within the human soul, will become cherished and inevitable at the same time.

The Universal  Citizen closes avenues that lead to division, separation, alienation, and confrontation.

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